Medical Sim City

Presented by Florida Hospital


See how simulation technology is being used to create better doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Simulation training gives healthcare professionals a new and enlightening perspective on how to handle real medical situations. Through scenarios that simulate genuine crisis management situations, medical simulation can increase the level of healthcare quality that participants provide.

Patient simulators can be programmed to talk, function and react like a real patient. They can mimic many normal and abnormal body functions and respond as a patient would to medical treatment. These simulators represent a breakthrough in medical training because they provide the opportunity to rehearse both simple and complex emergency procedures.


Design Interactive, Inc. is a local woman-owned small business that has developed a mobile gaming application to support amputees.

FreeRunner requires gamers to use gestures to control their character and make him jump, duck and run. Get fitted with a unique gesture recognition device to play the game and attain a high score to be added to the leaderboard. This technology demonstrates how to use a new brain-controlled prosthetic limb.

In 2009, Design Interactive was named one of Central Florida’s top woman–owned businesses by the Orlando Business Journal.

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