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From retro to next-gen, we’ve got it!

At Otronicon, play and interact with the best in gaming and digital technology. There is something for everyone to enjoy including virtual reality, interactive surface tables, next-generation consoles and even classic arcade machines!

Orlando has become a hub for the digital media industry which includes: modeling, simulation and training; film and television production; and interactive and immersive entertainment. With estimated annual revenue of $9 billion, the digital media sector is second only to the hospitality/tourism industry in the area.

Where better than Otronicon to see what the more than 1,200 companies are producing, chat with the creative professionals responsible and discover the path to a digital media career right in your own backyard.


"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.” -Shigeru Miyamoto, world famous game designer for Nintendo

Shortly after World War II, a small district in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, Japan evolved to become known as “electric town."  The district - Akihabara (秋葉原) - became a major shopping area for household electronic goods and even some post-war black market items.  As the world changed over time, so did Akihabara.  By the late seventies (and through the eighties and nineties), Akihabara became a thriving marketplace for technologies both old and new.  Shoppers could find anything and everything electronic, from transistors to motherboards, in a variety of brightly lit shops.  In the era of home brew computers and do-it-yourself tech, locals flocked to Akihabara more and more regularly.

Fast forward to today: Video games and pop culture grew hand in hand with the advancement of modern electronics, and now Akihabara (“Akiba” for short) is known as THE place for video games, anime, manga, and computer goods.  Travelers come from around the world to play in the arcades, read manga in giant bookstores, interact with cosplayers at maid cafes, and buy a variety of video games and game systems from every brand imaginable.

Florida Anime Experience (“FAE”) is Central Florida’s most authentic celebration of Japanese popular culture.  Started in 2011, the annual anime convention will take place April 22-24, 2016 at the Park Inn By Radisson Orlando - Celebration Inn.  (Details and tickets are online at  One of the goals of FAE has been to bring a part of the excitement of Akiba to Orlando - and the primary tool in doing so has been the anime convention’s Japanese Video Game Room.  Attendees are encouraged to see and play classic and modern imported Japanese games and game systems from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and more.

In 2015, the team from Florida Anime Experience discovered Otronicon as the perfect fit for our Japanese Video Game Room presentation.  So, for the second year in a row, FAE will present a sampling of our Japanese games and systems for Otronicon attendees to enjoy.  Swing by and check it out on Level 4 of the Orlando Science Center, near the WFTV Sever Weather Center 9 Experience.

Super Potato

(Photo of “Super Potato” taken by the Florida Anime Experience team during their last visit to Akiba.  The store is famous for its inventory of rare classic Japanese video games and systems)

To infinity and beyond! Travel through technology and time with Engineers from the Walt Disney World Resort, as they present: “Storytelling through Technology.”

This exhibit features interactive demonstrations highlighting technologies used to bring the animated figures and visual effects featured at some of Walt Disney World’s most iconic attractions and shows to life. And, be certain to explore a very special ‘color and play’ station, where you can add color to your favorite Disney character, and then see them come to life through the use of augmented reality technologies.

The University of Central Florida E2i Creative Studio is back to showcase several of its game-based learning experiences including “Science Valley” and “Deep Sea Discovery” which allow learners to interactively explore, make decisions, and see the outcomes of their choices. In addition, engage in a demo of the Makey Makey being used by the Otronicon Game Jam participants.

E2i is excited to be debuting the 2016 Otronicon event app with an integrated location based exploration game using iBeacons. The app allows visitors to see what is going on at the event and play a sea creature collection game based on their location in the Orlando Science Center.

The app can be downloaded for free for iPhone at

OSC WhaleShark

The University of Central Florida is excited about attending Otronicon 2016!  Over 200 Central Florida students who attended the event last year visited our exhibit and most, if not all of them, talked to an AVATAR!

The AVATARS will be back again this year, and we need YOUR help to make them smarter! Our UCF team is continuing to develop our own custom-built avatars with artificial intelligence. This means that we need more students to talk to our avatars in order to build their dictionary and increase their language skills. We have even MORE AVATARS this year!

Our long-term goal is to use these avatars in treatment for children who are very shy and would like to overcome their shyness and have fun talking to other people. After children practice talking to our AVATARS, we hope that they will feel “brave” enough to start talking to the adults and children in their everyday life. We hope that everyone who visits Otronicon 2016 will stop by and help us help other children.

UCF avatars UCF avatars 2

“Where seconds can save lives.”

This year, Engineering and Computer Simulations will be bringing our Crash Cart Countdown Game to Otronicon. Training with Crash Cart Countdown reduces the time Rapid Response Team (RRT) members need to locate supplies in an organization’s crash cart. The application uses a gaming approach to engage RRT members and enhance their familiarity with your cart’s contents. When facing a life-threatening situation, RRT members will locate the necessary equipment faster, and peer competition will keep them wanting to stay sharp. Crash Cart Countdown’s goal is to train Rapid Response Team members to efficiently and accurately locate medical supplies and equipment in a crash cart.

This virtual environment was designed to increase cognitive recall skills associated with identifying and locating items in an organization’s unique cart configuration. Health Education Specialists have determined that facilities struggle with keeping staff members familiar with the crash cart contents and training them to locate emergency medical supplies located on the cart or contained in the different drawers. The reason for the lack of knowledge about the cart's contents is twofold - infrequency of use (some staff members go months or even years without having to touch a crash cart) and lack of a suitable training platform (one that can be tailored to educate staff members on the contents of their unique crash carts). This serious training game engages users in a realistic 3D virtual environment that simulates medical emergency situations involving various types of crash carts.

The game depicts equipment associated with, and medical supplies contained in, an average hospital emergency crash cart. Organizations can customize carts to reflect the unique requirements of their facility and its workforce. Staff members are prompted to locate all necessary equipment in a situation when time is of the essence. They are then evaluated on their speed and performance accuracy for that particular prompt sequence. Various prompt sequences are issued during each event to enhance cognitive recall and produce precise evaluations of user knowledge. Players cannot exploit the system due to the randomization of the prompt sequences. Crash Cart Countdown is a serious educational role-playing game that employs auditory and visual feedback based on the player’s actions.

The scoring system is based upon a variety of factors including time-efficiency, accuracy, and the complexity of the cart. The ability to track high scores by individuals allows the staffs of units, hospitals, cities, states and even global enterprises to compete. The competitive aspect can raise the staff’s desire to be the best, thus increasing their readiness in a life-threatening situation. ECS believes Crash Cart Countdown is an ideal application for training physicians, nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists in hospitals worldwide.

Crash Cart Countdown was a finalist in the Serious Games Showcase Challenge in 2015, and is representative of the types of serious games ECS has been creating, distributing, and showcasing at several conferences over the years, including Otronicon. ECS has participated in Otronicon since the convention’s inception in 2006, demonstrating serious games ranging from a Traffic Safety Challenge for younger kids to a Ship-wide Evacuation that utilized the Oculus Rift for the older pre-teens as well as their parents. ECS always enjoys exhibiting at and supporting Otronicon because we believe in the power of games for learning and exposing this type of technology to the next generation.

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