Gaming & Digital Media


From retro to next-gen, we’ve got it!

At Otronicon, play and interact with the best in gaming and digital technology. There is something for everyone to enjoy including virtual reality, interactive surface tables, next-generation consoles and even classic arcade machines!

Orlando has become a hub for the digital media industry which includes: modeling, simulation and training; film and television production; and interactive and immersive entertainment. With estimated annual revenue of $9 billion, the digital media sector is second only to the hospitality/tourism industry in the area.

Where better than Otronicon to see what the more than 1,200 companies are producing, chat with the creative professionals responsible and discover the path to a digital media career right in your own backyard.


Most people would say transforming your car into an interactive driving simulator is a bit extreme. Thankfully for Otronimaniacs, Ron Handy of PHENIX Design Group is not like most people.

A perennial favorite, Ron's company returns for its 10th Otronicon, which means he's been a part of Otronicon since the very beginning! Every year, Ron has driven his own Scion xB into the building and swapped out the front seat for a motion simulator chair. The result is a driving simulation like no other, in which you race among simulated competitors in a six-minute experience.

But that's not all. Ron also showcases his Google Earth exhibit that utilizes a Liquid Galaxy three-screen display and six-axis navigator control, immersing you anywhere in the world. Then there’s the HotSeat Flight Simulator, allowing guests to experience the thrill of flying a high performance aircraft.


Less than three miles away from Orlando Science Center is the Orlando Public Library and its multi-million dollar Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center. For the creator in all of us, this place has it all: video and audio production; photography; fabrication and simulation labs; an interactive media wall; and a conference room.

At Otronicon, the Melrose Center will present many of these offerings in the form of a photo booth, video green screen, audio production bay, simulators and a 3D printer. Simply bring your imagination and they'll show you how to make it come to life!


A leader and innovator in the tech and gaming industry, Microsoft is back at Otronicon!

Guests will be able to tinker and toy with all of their latest lines of products, including the Xbox One, Surface Pro 3, MakerBot and Windows Phone line.


Orlando-based Gentleman Squid Studio brings you arcade action best described as a blend of "Guitar Hero" and "Missile Command"!

In "Rise of the Ravager," a god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. Seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent his avatar from destroying all. Play alone or invite up to three friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color. Large boss fights, multiple landscapes, unfolding mythology — preventing the End of Times is an entertaining challenge in "Rise of the Ravager"!

Hello, friend.

Longtime Orlando Science Center partner Bright House Networks brings the living room to you and shows what a Bright House looks like. With cable TV, phone and internet, interact with each of their services in a home-like environment.


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