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Ever wanted to know how those pilots land on an aircraft carrier? At Otronicon, you’ll see firsthand.

Experience state of the art military and government simulators not normally seen by the public. These are the actual tools professionals in these fields use to train with. Feel the rush pilots feel as they’re soaring at hundreds of miles per hour.

And for the daredevil in you, our larger-than-life racing simulators will have you feeling like you’re ready for the circuit! The modeling and simulation industry is quickly becoming one of the most important to Central Florida and these simulators will give you an up-close look.

Experience how video game technology is being used to create better pilots, drivers, soldiers, doctors and more through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge simulators that before now have rarely been available to the public.


    Virtual Battlespace 3: High-Fidelity, Game-based Simulation for Military Training

    Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organizations. We apply game-based technology to a range of breakthrough, military-specific training and simulation software products.

    Our flagship product VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3) provides an immersive virtual game-based environment that helps soldiers, sailors and other military personnel train on tactics, rehearse for missions, and practice standard operating procedures. With its After Action Review tool, VBS3 is designed to help soldiers learn to think, make decisions and improve communications before heading to the field for live exercises. VBS3 is used for tactical training and mission rehearsal on desktop computers as well as part-task trainers and full-mission simulators.

    Over the last 10 years, BISim’s VBS series has become a standard in desktop tactical training and mission rehearsal simulation technology. Versions of the VBS series are employed for daily tactical training and mission rehearsal in 39 countries.

    VBS3 is more than just a video game or game engine. It has been integrated into real military equipment and is equipped with an interoperability gateway that enables it to interact with other simulation systems. VBS3 provides flexibility and versatility to military organizations looking to extend the software for many different training and simulation uses.

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    During Otronicon 2015, a local Orlando startup exhibited with their UCF engineering school project. Their virtual reality flight simulator was a hit and gained lots of attention as visitors saw the strong potential in their prototype.

    This year, Talon Simulations will be returning and they will be debuting the launch of their Atomic A3 full motion simulator. Using innovative-patented technology, the A3 produces high fidelity motion detail and powerful accelerations to provide a realistic simulation experience. Combining this with near limitless adjustability and unrivaled software support, Talon is re-writing the rulebook for affordable motion simulation.

    With the novel integration of a virtual reality headset, Talon is providing the most immersive and realistic experience at the best price. The Atomic A3 is adjustable for different size users, adaptable to different vehicle simulations including planes, racecars, and roller coasters, and affordable, making these experiences more accessible to greater audiences.

    Not only can you stop by their booth to try out their infamous flight simulator, but they will also have a racing simulator set up at the STEM Sim Ex booth. Make sure you give one of their simulators a try and see why people are saying, “your product is amazing” and “this is the best experience I’ve ever had in virtual reality!”

    talon simulations

    About Talon Simulations

    Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in hardware/software integration of virtual reality vehicle simulations. They have a passion to create the most immersive and exciting experiences at a price point that is more accessible to greater audiences. The Atomic A3 is just the beginning for the company as their research and development team continuously invent creative products, maintaining a competitive edge in the emerging virtual reality industry.

    Lockheed Martin to Demonstrate Innovative Simulation Technologies at Otronicon 2016


    Visit us and try your skills at flying an aircraft simulator, programming a Mars Rover, and more!


    Ever wanted to fly a fighter jet, get “hands-on” with an aircraft carrier’s logistics operations, or program your own Mars Rover? All these activities and more are available in Lockheed Martin’s exhibit at Otronicon 2016. Visit us Jan. 15-18 to try your skills and have some fun.

    Many of Lockheed Martin’s simulators are powered by Prepar3D® simulation software. In celebration of this year’s Otronicon, we are launching our first ever scenario design contest!

    We’re looking for sharp minds to design short scenarios that teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts using Prepar3D. The winning scenario will be showcased at Otronicon and will be included in a future Prepar3D release.

    Check out our website for full rules and instructions. Don’t delay – scenarios are due Jan. 4, 2016.

    Lockheed Martin continually seeks ways to invest in students interested in STEM fields and has sponsored Otronicon since its inception 11 years ago.

    “This year’s Prepar3D contest offers a great opportunity for anyone to learn through hands-on experimentation with our simulation software,” said Adam Breed, Lockheed Martin systems architecture manager and Otronicon lead. “Otronicon is about inspiring the future innovators of STEM industries, and we’re excited to offer guests exciting simulation technologies as part of an incredible Otronicon 2016.


    Discover what the U.S. Army Research Lab is working up with RDECOM. Interact with the small Ground Robot and engage in competitions. There will be a race track set up for children to indirectly drive the robot vehicle around. And see what's being done at the Institute for Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida in conjunction with the U.S. Army Research Lab!


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