Have you ever heard that we only use about 10 percent of our brain to take part in our daily tasks? This “fact” is actually a myth—research in the emerging field of brain mapping tells us that all parts of our brain have an active purpose. That’s right: all 100 billion neurons and support cells that make up the human brain have a role in the way you think, look or feel!

Researchers at Stryker, a medical technologies and research company, are on the cutting edge of brain mapping research, and are bringing that research to you! Their aim is to figure out which parts of the brain give us certain abilities, called localization of function, and how these parts of the brain are connected. For example, what part of our brain enables us to see the color green, interpret a joke as funny or remember what we ate for breakfast? Scientists are use imaging to watch the brain work on various tasks to answer these questions


In giving us a more complete look at the brain’s structure and functions, brain mapping is paving the way toward a future of safer surgeries and more accurate diagnosis of neurobiological disorders such as autism and Tourette syndrome. For instance, using brain mapping, doctors can locate the seizure center in the brain down to the millimeter, making surgery to treat epilepsy safer and more effective.

In June 2012, Stryker Corporation accepted the Pioneer in Technology Development award from the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics for their research in cutting-edge technology that points toward restorative solutions for patients with neurological disorders.

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